Why Is Etsy SEO So Important?

Etsy SEO – An Overview

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had this conversation:

Person : “I’ve been on Etsy for a few months but I can’t figure out why I’m not making sales! I'm not even getting any views! Does no one like my stuff?”

Me: “Well, if you aren’t getting any views at all, it’s probably not your product, it’s probably your SEO."

Person : “What’s SEO?”

Here’s what Etsy SEO is:

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.”

SEO helps you appear in Etsy search results when someone is using keywords (the phrase/words typed into the search bar) to search.

 Here’s an example:

Suzanne wants a new deodorant and cares about it being all natural. She goes onto Etsy and searches for “all natural deodorant.” She sees a bunch of listings for all natural deodorants and she looks through the listings until she finds the perfect one, adds it to her cart and buys it.

FACT: If you are selling all natural deodorant but your title and tags don’t have “all natural deodorant” (the EXACT phrase), you most likely not be found in that search.

 Targeted, keyword based titles and tags will get you found.


You must use “longtail” keywords; the shorter the keyword is (dog for example) the more overall searches it may get, but also there is A TON more competition and people are often just browsing when they use generic keywords.

If you use a more specific keyword (corgi lover gift), you are more likely to make sales because people using the more specific keywords are more likely to buy and it is easier to get found in niche searches.