Holiday Shopping Season Is Upon Us

Hello Etsy and other online sellers! ‘Tis the season!

EARLY SHOPPERS: You might be thinking about fall and Halloween but don’t be fooled!

You may be surprised to learn that in the U.S., 34% of consumers start their holiday shopping in September. And an additional 31% start in October.

Now, most of these early shoppers are not yet in gift mode, they’re decorating.

So, if you plan to make a holiday push for selling scented candles, ornaments, festive holiday decor, throw pillows or tableware, START YOUR MARKETING NOW.

When we see the early shoppers start to think more about gifting later in October, they tend to focus on large big ticket or personalized items; things that people may feel will have a long lead time, or are one of a kind and may sell out.

CYBERWEEK SALES: Don’t forget to kick it into extra high gear around cyber week! Searches and sales peak around this time. An interesting fact is that often times the sales are so good during cyberweek that you’ll find a lot of “self-gifting” - deals so good you can’t resist getting a little something for yourself. This is good for bath and body products, or jewelry.

LAST MINUTE: 9% of shoppers are “last minute shoppers”. These folks tend to buy smaller items, ready-to-ship items, or stocking stuffer type gifts.

FINALLY: If you offer gift wrap, make sure to let people know! That is a big incentive if customers are shipping directly to a gift recipient. And communicate clearly, people get very stressed this time of year.

Ho, ho, ho and Good Luck!